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Do you know what you pay in energy costs on average over the course of a year? Can you imagine having little to no power bill each month? As the FIRST developer to build a Solar Community in Idaho we project our homeowners will save 40-50,000 thousand dollars in Energy costs over a 30 year period. Socially responsible to our environment while being fiscally responsible to our homeowners.


Custom Home Automation

Imagine coming home from a long day and finding your home perfectly aligned with your exact mood. Maybe it’s the perfect lighting levels, maybe it’s your favorite song. The choice is yours and the power is in your hands. Every home we build comes standard with home automation features including audio, ring video monitoring, smart thermostats, and home and lighting automation and controlled with a single APP.



Building a home is fun and rewarding. The process is everything which is why we have developed a developed a highly organized but simple step by step process for our homeowners. Utilizing cutting edge award winning technology our homeowners can track every step of their home with a simple APP. Communication is fundamental to building a quality custom home and it all starts with a quality process.


High Performance building

Whether we are building a million dollar custom home or a standard home our performance standards are the same. To us high performance means high quality. Rather than just say we build a good home we take the time to independently test the performance of every home to give our homeowners a that on average performs twice as well as a code built home. This means more energy savings and better quality of life for our homeowners.


Custom Design

We believe your home is an expression of yourself which is why we do not believe in building cookie cutter homes with cookie cutter designs. Our full time design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the very best design at the very best price. The beauty is in the DETAILS!

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